To renew the earlier work of the Blumberg Family Jewish Services of Dothan (JCS) and continue to bring Jewish families to Dothan.



To reinvigorate our aging Jewish community and promote Judaism in the area.



To provide up to $50,000 to assist families with relocation to Dothan, Alabama. This assistance may include (but is not limited to) housing costs, children’s education, and business funds.

A portion of the loan (20%) would be forgiven for each year the family remained in Dothan. At the end of five years of living in Dothan, the entirety of the loan would be forgiven.



In 2005, Larry and Laura Blumberg created the Blumberg Family Jewish Services of Dothan (JCS).

The impetus behind the JCS program was to bring Jewish families to Dothan to help reinvigorate our aging Jewish community and promote Judaism in the area. 

Thirteen Jewish families relocated to Dothan as a direct result of securing funds through the JCS program.

With the onset of COVID-19, the deleterious impact on the program was severe. Feeling the obstacles were too great to overcome, the JCS was discontinued.



The plan, as construed by Larry and Laura Blumberg, was always to reformulate the spirit and intent of the JCS and to use those remaining resources to continue to pursue those goals.

In April 2022, with the approval and support of the Temple Emanu-El Board of Trustees, the JCS secured a timely and important relaunch as The Leon Minsky Temple Emanu-El Relocation Program (LMRP).



Ira Sukoff, Chair

Barbara Minsky, Ph.D., Vice Chair

Valerie Barnes

Larry Blumberg

Stephen Holland

Pamela Ross

Jay Solomon

Jeffrey B. Willens, Ph.D.



Please contact Temple Emanu-El at (334) 792-5001 or  dothantemple@gmail.com.   

You may also reach us through our online contact form.