Religious school is available to all Temple members. Our smaller class sizes provide favorable learning environments for students and flexibility for instructors, as lessons are often adapted to best fit the needs of the class. One-on-one Hebrew instruction is available upon need or request.

Learn why our religious school was named for Edward F. Rudderman.



Our Temple B’nei Mitzvah program is closely aligned with the student, their families, the religious school, the Ritual Committee, the Building Committee, and many others, in an effort to ensure a fully-developed, high-quality ceremony.

Questions about B’nei Mitzvah tutelage should be directed to the Temple office.



At Temple Emanu-El, adult education is offered throughout the year and is available to all members.

Members have  enjoyed an array of unique programs, including a virtual seminar highlighting the Judaic Collection at the North Carolina Museum of Art, and a livestream tour of Nachlaot, Tel Aviv, Israel. The latter profiled many of Nachlaot’s historical sites, such as the House of Rabbi Aryeh Levin, the Spanish Orchard, and the Fate Houses – the Yemen Neighborhood.

Additional adult programming has included instructor-led Introduction to Hebrew classes, book clubs, game nights, and Torah Study.



Torah Study is one of our most popular adult education opportunities.

The year-round weekly discussion group meets at 10:30 am on Saturday.

Our relaxed, inclusive conversation is typically clergy-led, though lay leaders fill in as needed.